Texas Republicans eye changes to quorum rules to prevent future walkouts

According to a new report from the Washington Examiner “Texas Republicans are moving to change the rules dictating how many members must be present to conduct business after Democrats successfully blocked a voting reform bill by fleeing the state and denying the Legislature a quorum.”

Per the report:

Their efforts come as Republican Gov. Greg Abbott notched a victory on Tuesday as the state Supreme Court ruled Democrats could be detained and brought to the state Capitol to participate in the latest special legislative session. A judge in Austin issued an order on Sunday shielding the Texas Democrats from arrest if they returned to the Lone Star State after the Democrats filed a lawsuit to prevent the possibility.

The Democrats have spent several weeks in Washington, D.C., running out the clock on the previous special session to stop Republicans from passing the voting reform bill. That session ended Aug. 6, but Abbott immediately convened a new one that began on Aug. 7.

Abbott published his agenda for the new special session on Thursday, and it included much of the same legislation as the previous session.

However, a new item at the end of the list could prevent a similar situation from unfolding in the future.

The item called for action on “legislation relating to legislative quorum requirements.”

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