Texas Republican mocks Dems who fled state with Photoshopped “Miller Lite” Joke Memes

Republicans Texas State Rep. Cody Harris mocked Democrats who fled the state in an attempt to stop a Republican voting bill with photoshopped memes.

Per The Western Journal “On Monday, the lawmakers had no sooner left the state than they were called out for their silliness by Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who noticed that the Democratic lawmakers brought a case of Miller Lite beers on their private jet as they heroically whizzed off to commence a mass media spectacle.”

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick tweeted “Smiling House Dems fly off to DC on a private jet with a case of Miller Lite, breaking House quorum, abandoning their constituents, while the Senate still works. It’s my hope that Senate Dems report tomorrow to do what they were elected to do. We will vote on #SB1. #txlege

Texas State Rep. Cody Harris tweeted “Wish You Were Here #txlege” along with a photoshopped joke meme. 

He tweeted another photoshopped joke meme and tweeted “Found the plane. Load up.”