Texas Republican calls for “recounting, auditing & a full review” of AZ, GA, WI, PA & NV

Monday, Texas Republican Chip Roy tweeted “Right now – there are fewer than 100,000 votes total – out of almost 150 million cast – separating AZ, GA, WI, & PA (plus other close states like NV) with a number of lingering questions. Recounting, auditing, & a full review is necessary.”

He added “Patience. #StandUpForAmerica”

The reaction to Roy’s tweet was mixed.

Annie Quinn wrote “You are doing intentional, permanent damage to our democracy trying to validate this fragile man’s narrative.”

Another Twitter user replied “Thank you for not being a swamp creature like the other GOPS in Travis County”

Another replied “Stage 1. Denial”

A supporter wrote “thank you Chip for standing for as much honesty as we can salvage at this point. We don’t know what will happen but the letter from the senators to Barr is a start.”