Texas lawmakers approve bill banning words “meat” and “beef” from plant-based foods

Texas lawmakers have approved a bill banning the words “meat” and “beef” from plant-based foods such as the possible “Beyond Meat.”

Per The Hill “House Bill 316, which was approved after a brief debate, is intended to prohibit companies from misleading consumers, according to Dallas News. The bill will also keep companies that produce food from insects, plants or cell cultures, not slaughtered animals, from using the label “meat,” “pork,” “poultry” or “beef.””

Texas state Rep. Brad Buckley (R) said “this is for those who choose to eat meat, but it’s also for those who choose to not eat meat.”

“State Rep. Gene Wu (D) argued that if the bill passes the state could be subject to unnecessary litigation. A Republican state lawmaker, Rep. Kyle Biedermann, said that he supported the bill, but was concerned about state overreach,” the report adds.

Biedermann said “there shouldn’t be a need to have to legislate more regulation of these other companies when it seems their packaging is pretty clear.”