Texas Governor Abbott signs bill making concealed carry without permits legal within the state

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed a bill making concealed carry without a permit legal in the state.

“We will always protect #2A rights in the Lone Star State. Watch LIVE at 11 am CT as I sign several pieces of legislation to protect our Second Amendment rights:” Abbott tweeted Thursday.

Per The Hill “the bill will allow those who aren’t barred by state or federal law from having a gun to carry one concealed with no license. The law also expands who is barred from carrying a weapon, allows police to question a person based solely on them carrying a gun, increases penalties for those carrying illegally and makes the Texas Department of Public Safety offer free online gun safety courses, according to the Tribune.”

“The law, set to go into effect on Sept. 1, puts Texas alongside 20 other states with similar concealed carry laws,” the report adds.