VIDEO: Texas Dems walked off the state House floor to prevent passage of election overhaul package

Texas Democrats walked out of the Texas House of Representatives on Sunday night in order to block the passage of a sweeping election overhaul package.

Republicans then missed their Monday deadline.

“Ahead of a midnight deadline to pass legislation, dozens of Democratic Members were prepared to give speeches against this measure, which is designed to disenfranchise and discriminate against Texans. We were determined to run out the clock. It became obvious Republicans were going to cut off debate to ram through their vote suppression legislation. At that point, we had no choice but to take extraordinary measures to protect our constituents and their right to vote.” Texas Democrats said in a statement.

Democratic state Rep. Carl Sherman said “We’ve said for so many years that we want more people to participate in our democracy. And it just seems that’s not the case.”

Governor Abbott said he would call a special session to try passing the bill again.