Texas Democrat Running for Congress Doubles Down on Wishing Cancer on Obama

A Texas Democrat running for Congress. took to Twitter to defending wishing cancer on Obama.

Justin Lecea is verified by Twitter.

Justin tweeted:

People are criticizing me for wishing cancer on Obama. I say that having lost a parent to brain cancer after 12 years of fighting, and getting to see just how terrible our Healthcare system is, and I still think he deserves it or worse.

Y’all are defending a war criminal who was in authority during the deportation of over 3 million immigrants, continued the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, allowed the continued poisoning of citizens in places like Flint, and also”

Justin later went further and wrote:

Obama is part of the club that is going to let y’all burn in climate change.

So @ me all you want I said nothing directly threatening

Lecea was quickly blasted by angry Democrats.

Justin is clearly a Bernie supporter based on his tweet stream who supports the green new deal.

Among Justin’s provocative tweets are:

Sex work is work

They work harder than CEOs, and deserve better pay

Twitter has verified Justin’s account.

This article first appeared on TheConservativeOpinion.com 

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