Texas black man says he was beaten for wearing “white lives matter too” t-shirt

A Abilene, Texas man, Niko Nance, who is black, claims he was beaten for wearing a t-shirt that said “white lives matter too.”

Per KTXS, Nance posted a picture of himself wearing the shirt on Facebook.

A few hours later, he claims he was beaten by several black men in the parking lot of a local bar.

“I was bleeding from my nose and mouth.” said Nance. “I didn’t think people would be like this.”

Nance claims he was punched and thrown to the ground.

He said he never reported it to police.

A few hours later, that picture he posted on Facebook went viral.

There are thousands of likes and shares and hundreds of comments — some good, some not so good — from all over the country.

Nance said he had the t-shirt made to spread the message that we are all equal.

“I wanted to show my support for other cultures also that are supporting us because that’s the way to be a union,” said Nance.