BREAKING: Republican Tenney says she is back up by 27 votes in undecided NY House race

Republican Claudia Tenney says she is back up by 27 votes in an undecided NY house race in NY’s 22nd district that has see-sawed multiple times.

Per the Washington Examiner “Tenney, who was a House member for a single term from 2017 to 2019 but lost her seat to Brindisi in the 2018 Democratic wave, said her edge comes from Oneida County’s review of over 1,700 affidavit (provisional) ballots.”

Tenney said in a statement “Now that every undisputed ballot has been counted twice, we are still in the lead.”

She added “we remain confident that once the contested ballots are reviewed by the court and the facts accurately applied according to the law, I will be declared the winner, certified, seated, and head to Congress to serve all the people of New York’s 22nd District.”

The betting market of PredictIt, now gives Tenney the edge, though the race is still undecided.