Tennessee House Votes to Be Second Amendment Sanctuary Amid Nationwide Riots

Per WashingtonExaminer, a resolution to declare Tennessee a Second Amendment sanctuary state passed the state House of Representatives on Monday evening.

“When our liberties are being threatened, it is incumbent on us to defend them,” Rep. James Van Huss, R-Jonesborough, said during Monday’s House session.

Van Huss is the primary sponsor of the resolution.

DailyCaller reports Tennessee is now one step closer to becoming a Second Amendment sanctuary after the state House of Representatives passed a resolution Monday strengthening legal protections of gun ownership.

Resolution HJR074, drafted in March, requires the state to “[extend] a safe harbor to Virginians and other United States citizens whose constitutional rights are being violated by elected officials.” It also affirms that citizens have a right to maintain arms equivalent “to those of their government’s basic infantry unit.”

The bill includes language that details an individual’s right to own “semi-automatic AR-15s, AK-47s, and similar firearms” in order for one to execute their “God-given” right to oppose government tyranny. The legislation also reportedly parallels language in a book that claims over 260 million people have been killed by governments around the globe, according to a Fox 17 report.

Tennessee house members voted 64-24 to move to the resolution forward to the state’s senate.

The resolution comes after rioters lit the Nashville Metro Courthouse ablaze Saturday, following violent demonstrations resulting from the death of George Floyd, The Tennessean reports. Floyd died in Minneapolis Police custody after an officer knelt on his neck for several minutes, according to a video of the incident.