Ted Lieu’s Fake News Attack on Candace Owens Just Went Horribly Wrong

On Tuesday, conservative powerhouse Candace Owens testified before Congress on “hate crimes,” and “white nationalism.”

During her testimony, Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu played an edited, out of context clip of Owens, talking about Hitler, in an effort to make her seem like a Hitler supporter.

Watch the video:

Twitter users fired back at Lieu, for pushing a “fake news” clip, which was originally edited and put together by Media Matters as an attack weapon against Owens.

Congressman Ted Lieu is now playing a clipped @RealCandaceO comment about Hitler out of context in a House Committee Meeting

Government officials are now publicly using Media Matters smear tactics

If that doesn’t wake you up I don’t know what will


Ted Lieu is such a low life. Play a clip COMPLETELY taken out of context then address SOMEONE ELSE for your first line of questioning…coward. Candace is about to EXPLODE.

Ted Lieu is a professional smear merchant.

Owens fired back at Leiu, for playing the heavily edited clip, claiming the Rep. believes black people are “stupid.”

“Ted Lieu thinks black people are stupid” – Candace Owens

Rep Jerry Nadler reprimanded Owens.

Watch the video:

Owens then responded to Lieu’s attempts to smear her with an edited clip.

Watch the video: