Ted Lieu rips Rep. Cawthorn, tells him “Stop your tough guy act and promoting conflict”

Speaking on the House Floor Wednesday, Rep. Madison Cawthorn tore into the HR8 bill that adds gun regulations.

“I specifically speak for 700 thousand plus Americans in my district, when I say that if you think this bastardization of the constitution will be met with silence then you know nothing of the America I know,” Cawthorn said.

“You want my guns, I know it, we all know it. Well, Mr. Speaker, you can come and take them,” he added.

Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu fired back by tweeting “Dear @RepCawthorn: We don’t want your guns. We just don’t want you to bring them on the House Floor.”

“I have 2 Air Force marksmanship ribbons. You lied about getting into the Naval Academy. Stop your tough guy act and promoting conflict. We’ve had enough violence in the Capitol,” he added.