Ted Lieu fires back at Catholic Bishops “Next time I go to Church, I dare you to deny me Communion”

Friday, Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu dared Bishops to deny him communion after they advanced an effort that could result in Biden and other leaders that support abortion being denied communion.

Lieu tweeted:

Dear @USCCB: I’m Catholic and I support:

-A woman’s right to choose
-Treatments for infertility
-The right for people to get a divorce
-The right of same sex marriage

Next time I go to Church, I dare you to deny me Communion.

Lieu added in a separate tweet:

Dear @USCCB: I’m Catholic and you are hypocrites. You did not tell Bill Barr, a Catholic, not to take communion when he expanded killing human beings with the death penalty. You are being nakedly partisan and you should be ashamed. Another reason you are losing membership.

Lieu also tweeted:

Dear @USCCB: You did not deny Communion to the following Catholic Republicans:

-Newt Gingrich, who believed in open marriage & had multiple divorces
-Bill Barr, who expanded death penalty executions
-Chris Collins, who stole by insider trading

You are being partisan hypocrites.