Ted Cruz: State, Local Leaders Must Be Held Accountable for Rioters

Newsmax reports Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, ripping into “radicals” for creating civil unrest in American cities, says it is time state and local leaders are held accountable for allowing rioters to destroy lives and businesses.

Cruz made his remarks in a column posted by The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.

“These radicals hate the police, reject the rule of law, and are intent on terrorizing their communities,” he said.

Cruz noted “fringe progressives” have set up autonomous protest zones in Portland, Oregon; Asheville, North Carolina; New York; Philadelphia; Richmond, Virginia; Seattle and Washington.

“This is not the American way,” he said. “Local leaders who allow rioters to destroy lives and businesses need to be held accountable. That’s why I’m introducing the Restitution for Economic losses Caused by Leaders who Allow Insurrection and Mayhem Act — Reclaim for short.”

He said his bill would hold those state and local officials liable who “abdicate their legal duty to protect the public in cases where death, serious bodily harm or significant property damage have occurred.”

Cruz said that under his bill “a plaintiff could be awarded triple the amount of the damage done to his property.”

“It would also establish a federal cause of action, which would empower victims of violence in autonomous zones to take legal action against senior local or state lawmakers who have tolerated or encouraged radicals to take over the area,” he said.

Cruz maintained public officials have a responsibility to project “our fellow citizens.”

“It’s time to restore civility, hold government officials accountable, and take our cities back,” he said.