Ted Budd “Americans rejecting anti-gun policies”


By Rep. Ted Budd | Fox News

Over the past few months, I’ve watched Virginia, a state that has historically respected and understood the importance of the Second Amendment, move toward a dangerous new approach that would overturn this crucial constitutional safeguard.

Red flag laws with no due process, redundant background checks, so-called “assault weapons” bans, and many other anti-gun policies have been proposed or discussed. But these policies will do little to address the mass violence problem in our society.

What’s happening here is quite simple: liberal politicians in Virginia – from Gov. Ralph Northam on down – are trying to punish responsible, law-abiding gun owners with additional regulatory restrictions instead of focusing their attention on those who commit heinous acts of violence.

In response to the attacks on the Second Amendment by anti-gun politicians, 90 percent of the Virginia’s counties passed measures making themselves gun sanctuaries, ensuring that law-abiding gun owners would not have their rights threatened.

In response to Virginia’s gun control crusade, we’ve seen over 400 municipalities in 20 states, including my home state of North Carolina, pass sanctuary resolutions rejecting the enforcement of certain gun laws that would violate the Second Amendment rights of American citizens. In my district, Davidson and Rowan County leaders have passed sanctuary resolutions to push back against any state-level gun-control measures, and I applaud them for doing so.

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