Tara Reade threatens to take legal action against Wapo, after they reported her claims were “not corroborated”

According to a new report from Fox News ‘Tara Reade, the former Senate staffer who alleged last year that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993, is threatening to take legal action against The Washington Post over a report that declared her claims against the current president were “not corroborated.”‘

“To say there was no corroboration and to dismiss me and erase me, that was bias. And I think they need to be called out for their bias,” Reade told Fox News in an interview.

Per the report:

Last month, the Post published a report about the Medicare-for-all movement ahead of nationwide demonstrations that took place pushing the progressive agenda. Reade was slated to speak at the Los Angeles rally.

The report quoted Ricky Dunlop, an activist who the Post credits “helped conceive of the March for M4A rallies,” alleging that Reade was “not allowed to talk about Biden.”

Reade told Fox News she was never told by anyone that talking about the president was off-limits and she herself had never spoken with Dunlop.

In fact, she did in fact mention Biden multiple times in her speech.

“I was a young staffer in 1993 and I worked for Joe Biden,” Reade told the LA crowd. “And I can tell you he is not interested in consent, he is not interested in your healthcare. He is funded by Big Pharma and by the healthcare lobby. And when I came forward in 1993, I lost my healthcare, I was a federal employee. As a sexual assault survivor, losing your healthcare when you come forward in a job… losing that is pivotal- and losing benefits, it’s really, super hard.”

“When you elect a predator to the highest office in the land who’s funded by other predators, you’re not going to get anything with healthcare,” Reade later added.