Tara Reade Demands Press Ask Harris About Biden Accusers

Joe Biden running mate Kamala Harris once said she believed Biden accusers and now Biden rape accuser Tara Reade wants the press to ask Kamala Harris some difficult questions about it.

April of 2019, when Biden was still Harris’ competitor  Harris said she believed women who accused Joe Biden of unwanted touching.

“I believe them and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it,” Harris said during a presidential campaign event in Nevada.

Harris then commented on whether Biden should drop out of the race and said  “He’s going to have to make that decision for himself. I wouldn’t tell him what to do.”

In an interview with MRC, Biden rape accuser Tara Reade told Scott Whitlock “Journalists should be asking her pointedly why there was a smear campaign on me and why Kamala was so aggressive and assertive with Kavanaugh and here she knows there is a credible sexual assault accusation against Senator Biden.”

Reade elaborated “To approach sexual violence as a partisan issue is not only dismissive to the survivors and dangerous to the victims. It is the reason why survivors are afraid to come forward. The Democratic Party has become an enabler to sexual predators.”

Tara Reade also said she has no regrets for stepping forward, saying “I don’t care if oligarches or celebrities are supporting him. What is more important to me is sexual assault survivors are allowed to come forward and have their stories told. By coming out, I lost a lot. But I don’t regret it.”