WATCH: Tapper Directly Addresses Trump, Asks Him if He Has a Plan

During a recent segment of “State of the Union” host Jake Tapper looked directly in the camera and addressed President Trump.

Jake Tapper:

The American people … need someone to explain what is going to be done to get us out of this. It’s a moment that requires leadership. It requires honest information. It requires empathy and it requires a plan. Do you have one?

Some of Tapper’s followers blamed Trump for the pandemic crisis.

Who thought the FALL of the United States of America would be at the hands of a second rate reality TV host?

It’s like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz needing to know the Words “There’s no place like home”

We can end this horror show now, with two little words “You’re FIRED”

He’s not capable of doing any of that he needs to step aside.

Trump supporter Mark Dice blasted Tapper back, writing “If CNN actually aired President Trump’s press conferences, then you would know.”

CNN has indeed chosen not to air portions of Trump’s coronavirus task force briefings.

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