Swift Backlash After Madonna Claims Jesus Would Be in Favor of Abortions

Anti-Trump music icon Madonna believes that Jesus would be pro-Abortion and would like very much to talk to the Vatican about that.

She made this viewpoint known during an interview with Australia’s Andrew Denton.


Many on Twitter were not convinced and made it known.

From FoxNews

Madonna wants a meeting with Pope Francis to tell him Jesus would support abortion.

The 60-year-old “Queen of Pop,” who grew up Catholic, said she wants to change the Vatican’s stance on reproductive rights.

“Let’s talk about Jesus’ point of view about women. Let’s talk about it,” said Madonna during an interview Tuesday with Australian talk show host Andrew Denton.

“Don’t you think Jesus would agree that a woman has the right to choose what to do with her body?” said the pop star, who was wearing an eyepatch to promote her new “Madame X” album.

“I think [Pope Francis] would be open to having that conversation with me,” she told Denton.