Swalwell claims his criticism of Trump may be behind bombshell Axios report

Giving a statement to Politico, California Democrat Eric Swalwell claimed his criticism against President Trump was somehow connected to the report connecting him to an alleged Chinese spy.

Axios reported Monday that alleged spy “Fang Fang” or “Christine Fang” reportedly took part in fundraising for Swalwell’s 2014 reelection campaign.

Swalwell told Politico “I’ve been a critic of the president. I’ve spoken out against him. I was on both committees that worked to impeach him.”

He said “The timing feels like that should be looked at.”

“What it appears though that this person — as the story reports — was unsuccessful in whatever they were trying to do,” Swalwell continued “But if intelligence officials are trying to weaponize someone’s cooperation, they are essentially seeking to do what this person was not able to do, which is to try and discredit someone.”

He added “As the story referenced, this goes back to the beginning of the last decade, and it’s something that congressional leadership knew about it.”

Politico noted that Swalwell “refused to discuss his relationship with Fang” after Axios reported that she had sexual relations with at least two other politicians.