Swalwell blasts lawmakers who voted against removing Trump after latest round of pardons

Reacting to President Trump’s latest round of 26 pardons, Rep. Eric Swalwell blasted those who chose to vote against convicting Trump during impeachment.

Swalwell wrote “If you voted to pardon Trump of impeachment, spare all of us your hot take on Trump corruptly pardoning his friends.

Swalwell also responded to a tweet from Preet Bharara who asked “Which pardon so far is most inexcusable or angering and why? Doing some research.”

Swall responded “Wouldn’t it be Roger Stone? Trump lied to Mueller about knowledge of Russia/Wikileaks. Stone (knowing Trump lied) publicly bragged prosecutors tried to get him to turn on Trump but he held strong. Then Trump commuted his sentence (now pardoned).”

“Pardoning Stone shielded Trump,” he added.