Susan Rice says “I’m Very Open to Serving” in the Biden Administration

Wednesday host Andrea Mitchell asked former Obama National Security adviser Susan Rice “have you been approached by the Biden team? Would you be willing to serve?”

“Andrea, you know better than to try to get me into that,” Rice replied “I’m not going to get into any kind of personnel issues. I’ve said many times and in different contexts that I’m very glad that we have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris coming to the White House. They’re going to bring compassionate, responsible, effective leadership. And if they think I can be helpful to them in any particular capacity, I’m very open to serving.”

“But for me, the most important thing is that we are going to have leadership back in the White House that understands that we need allies,” she continued “We need to act responsibly in the world. We don’t make precipitous decisions without consulting them. We don’t fire officials like Chris Krebs, who is a patriot, who did his job and did it very well, under very difficult circumstances, and has more work to do, not just to worry about foreign interference but we’ve had attacks, cyberattacks on our hospitals and health care infrastructure, in the height of a pandemic.”

She added “We need responsible leadership in the Department of Homeland Security in that role. And we won’t thankfully, after January 20, have leadership that fires people out of spite simply for doing what the American people expect them to do and doing it well.”


According to a recent report from Fox News, Susan Rice, who was vetted as a potential Vice Presidential pick is being pushed to Biden by Obama as a pick for secretary of state.

Rice served as Obama’s UN ambassador and she became national security adviser in 2013.

Per Fox News “Some Democrats worry she might have a confirmation problem in a closely divided Senate after her involvement in the Benghazi attacks, but sources closer to Biden dismissed that thought.”

The report also claims Senator Chris Coons is “jockeying for the role” and other potential picks include Tony Blinken and Willliam Burns, former deputy secretaries of state.