Survey: More Americans Believe Trump Is the Best 2020 Choice for Their Finances

A survey conducted by GOBanking rates reveals President Trump’s support as the best candidate for American’s finances has gone up since 2016, from 29.5% to 40%.

In addition, 42% believe Trump would be the best leader in an economic downturn, compared to 27% combined who believes Sanders and Biden would be.

Yahoo reports the to gauge how voters will approach the 2020 election, GOBankingRates surveyed 1,000 Americans ages 18 and older about their attitudes toward the presidential candidates as well as their views on the economic issues plaguing Americans today.

The results show what Americans are seeking in their ideal presidential candidate.

For the 2020 election, 40% of Americans believe that Trump is the best option for them financially. And, 89% of Republican survey respondents chose Trump as their ideal candidate. On the other side, 27% of Democratic survey respondents said that Biden is the best presidential candidate, followed closely by Sanders and Warren at 26% and 24%, respectively.

Overall, Trump was the clear favorite among survey respondents. The closest Democratic candidate to Trump in terms of popularity was Sanders, who claimed 14.4% of all the responses. Surprisingly, 16% of Americans chose “other” — the second-most common choice among respondents — when asked about the best presidential candidate for their money, which might indicate that no candidate currently checks all the boxes for many Americans in regard to personal finance issues.

Key Findings

  • Support for Trump as president has increased from 2016. During the previous presidential election, 29.5% of Americans said Trump was the best candidate for their finances. That percentage has grown to 40% for the 2020 election.
  • Americans see Trump as capable of leading the country through a recession. Nearly 42% of Americans said Trump would be the best leader in an economic downturn. Sanders and Biden trailed considerably behind Trump, receiving only 27% of the responses — combined.
  • About 72% of Americans wouldn’t vote for a candidate whose finances are in trouble. Democratic and Republican respondents were mostly in agreement on this point, at 77% and 71%, respectively.
  • A majority of survey respondents prefer a president with business experience. Nearly 59% said their ideal president would possess business experience, compared to 48% who want their president to have political experience. Democratic voters tended to favor political experience, whereas Republican voters were more likely to side with business experience.

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