Surveillance Video shows NFL Star Richard Sherman trying to violently break down door at his in-laws’ house

A new disturbing surveillance video obtained by Komo News shows NFL Star Richard Sherman trying to break down the door to enter his in-laws house.

The video shows Sherman attempting to open the locked door, cursing, demanding his father in law “come through” and then trying to break down the door by ramming himself into it. People in the house can be heard screaming.

This incident landed Sherman in jail.

According to the Redmond police, when they confronted him, he was initially amicable but then fought with police when he was told he’d be taken into custody.

Per Yahoo “a police dog was reportedly deployed against Sherman because a Taser was deemed too dangerous due to the chemicals on his clothes and Sherman to be too close for a bean-bag gun, leading to minor cuts on Sherman’s lower leg that were later treated at a hospital. Sherman is also accused of a single-car hit-and-run, with a different 911 caller describing a possibly impaired driver driving through a closed construction zone.”