Supreme Court hands Biden 4 Major Defeats

With a 6-3 conservative majority, the Supreme Court has now handed Biden 4 major defeats in a row.

Per IJR “In the last six months, the court has struck down three of Biden’s most divisive and damaging policies and upheld a state law he vehemently opposed.”

Per the report:

He suffered his first black eye at the Supreme Court in late August when the justices voted 6-3 to reinstate former President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy requiring migrants to stay south of the border while their asylum claims are being processed.

Biden quickly rolled back that and other Trump border security policies upon his arrival in the White House, unleashing a historic tsunami of illegal immigration.

The court’s resounding rejection of his corrosive action was the first bit of good news about the border since Trump left office.

Mere days later, Biden’s frantic attempt to extend his order prohibiting landlords from evicting tenants who don’t pay their rent was also wrecked by Supreme Court.

The administration again flew into a rage when the Supreme Court refused to block a Texas law banning doctors from performing abortions if the heartbeat of the unborn child can be detected. Unlike similar laws where the state played the role of enforcer, Texas provided that private citizens could sue violators and collect $10,000 if they won.

Biden called the law “un-American” and declared that it would turn Texans into abortion vigilantes.

The president threw the economy into a state of chaos when he announced in early September that all businesses with more than 100 employees must either vaccinate their or weekly test their staff. Thousands of Americans were fired or quit their jobs, leading to nationwide staffing shortages.

As the pushback intensified, Biden continued to delay enforcement, almost as if he were admitting that he knew the law would not stand.

Less than 96 hours after the enforcement mechanism went live, the Supreme Court delivered a death blow to the mandate. Millions of Americans are now breathing an enormous sigh of relief.


Supreme Court blocks President Biden’s vaccine mandate for large companies