Sue Bird indicates WNBA players will relax anthem protests for Olympics “I don’t think it contradicts anything”

Sue Bird of the U.S. Women’s Olympic team indicated that the team will relax their anthem protests that were very visible last year.

From August 26, 2020.

“You are wearing USA jerseys, and it does change the conversation a little bit and what you’re representing,” U.S. Women’s basketball star Sue Bird said Saturday.

“With that, I don’t feel like a hypocrite in any way. Everyone knows where we stand. I don’t think it contradicts anything since we’re actually doing the work,” she continued.

“We all want our country to be a better place, and that’s what this is about,” Bird added. “That’s an athlete’s mentality, and there’s really no better people to do that than athletes.

“What do we do every single day? What do we talk about. Getting better.”