Stunning Photo Shows Stark Difference Between Trump and Biden Rallies

2020 hopeful Joe Biden kicked off his bid for the White House in his hometown of Pennsylvania.

Politico reported that Biden skipped past the primary on Monday and went right to the general election.

From the atmospherics of his first campaign rally to the substance of his speech, the former vice president delivered a carefully calibrated message: While his rivals are chasing the Democratic nomination, Biden plans to pursue a mission focused on Donald Trump.

However, his crowd was much smaller, and according to experts who watched, the energy fell flat.

Watch the video:

Two days before Biden’s rally, President Trump held a rally in Wisconsin, where he drew an enormous crowd of supporters. reported that the massive rally was held at the Resch Center in Green Bay. The Resch Center has a capacity of 9,877, Fox 6 reported. However, the Green Bay Press Gazette noted that the Resch Center has 10,000 seats depending on the layout.

Watch the video:

And when you look at the two rally crowds next to one another, it’s a shocking difference.