Stunning Democracy Institute poll predicts Trump electoral landslide win

A stunning outlier Democracy Institute poll for the Sunday Express predicts a Trump electoral landslide win.

The poll has Trump even winning the popular vote 48% to 47% while sweeping nearly every swing state.

Per the Sunday Express “Significantly, the President has, according to the latest findings, maintained a four point lead of 49 percent to 45 percent in the key swing states including Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

It means he is on course to easily win the electoral college by 326 to 212 votes against his Democrat rival in a result which would shock the world even more than his astonishing defeat of Hilary Clinton in 2016.”

If the Democracy Institute poll turns out to be correct it will be a stunning turn of events as popular analytics website FiveThirtyEight currently only gives Trump a 10 in 100 chance of defeating Biden.

In addition not a single poll tracked by RealClearPolitics currently has Trump ahead of Biden on a national popular vote level.

The final Morning Consult polls show a nearly opposite result as the Democracy Institute prediction.