Kimberly Strassel Says Schumer is “doing a masterful job of unifying Republicans”

In a new Op-Ed for WSJ, Kimberly Strassel argues Senate Minority has “Whiffed” impeachment and has only succeeded in unifying Republicans against him, of which he’s done a “masterful job”

Strassel writes:

An old Beltway joke is that the most dangerous place in Washington is between Chuck Schumer and a TV camera. After Week One of the Trump impeachment trial, that deserves modification: The most dangerous place for Democrats is Chuck Schumer in front of a TV camera.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi handed the impeachment baton to the Senate minority leader, and doesn’t America know it. The New Yorker has engaged in a media sprint, accusing Republicans of a rigged trial.

He’s doing a masterful job of unifying Republicans, encouraging them to vote next week to ignore his witness demands and expeditiously acquit President Trump.

In fairness, Mr. Schumer was handed the weakest impeachment case in U.S. history.

He began this exercise facing 53 Republican senators who spent months watching the most liberal House Democrats use secret hearings, leaked transcripts and strong-arm tactics to produce two vague and legally dubious articles of impeachment.

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