Story About Trump’s “Fallout” for Attacking the “Squad” Backfires!

A story published by Yahoo that discusses the “fallout” of President Trump attacking AOC’s “squad” is yet another example of mainstream media writers putting out content at odds with top commenters.

While the article itself has a decidedly anti-Trump tilt, nearly all the top comments tell the opposite story.

This pattern of liberal media news outlets such as Yahoo failing to get commenters on their “side” on their political articles has become common in the Trump era.

Some of the top comments:

“The Squad “ sounds like a bad reality TV program. Regardless of Trump’s comments these women are not doing the Dems. any favors by being at the forefront of their party.

I’m glad we have a President with a backbone and who is completely politically incorrect. The problem some people have is that he isn’t afraid to say what most people think. No apology tours allowed here.

Funny how during the 100 year battle from 1865 through 1965, while the republican party fought with all of their might to end slavery, end apprenticeship laws, end Jim Crow, end segregation, establish the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Voting Rights Act, they never hurled names nor played the race card, just went about their business of doing the right thing.

Trump is defining the Democrat Party by making these women the official poster children of the party. And the humorous part is that Democrats see no option but to come to their defense, which further solidified the public perception of the “Squad” as the public face of the Democrat Party. It is political genius at work.

When Taub won the election( because no one was running against her)?She wrapped herself in a Palestinian flag to celebrate.Do we need people with loyalty to other countries over the US?