Steve Bannon suggests Trump become Speaker to Lead Biden’s Impeachment

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon suggested former President Trump should become Speaker to lead Biden’s impeachment.

Bannon then thinks Trump should resign and run for President in 2024.

During his War Room show Bannon said “people should be court-martialed” over U.S. forces abandoning Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan.

Some have argued the airfield could have been used for evacuations after the Taliban takeover and Bannon said this could be “one of the big charges eventually brought” against Biden.

“This thing is going to be huge,” Bannon said. “That’s why I say, hey, Donald Trump should be elected the speaker of the House after [Republicans] have the sweeping victory in November ’22, at least for 100 days, take the gavel from [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi, gavel him in, start the impeachment process. In 100 days, punch out and go run for president of the United States in 2024.”

In June, Appearing on Real America’s Voice, former President Trump spoke out on the circulating rumor at the time that he’d consider making a push to become House Speaker.

Trump said “Well, I’ve heard the talk and it’s getting more and more. But it’s not something that I would’ve considered but it is certainly, there’s a lot of talk about it. I have a good relationship with Kevin (McCarthy) and hopefully we will do everything traditionally. But the election was a horrible, horrible thing for our country.”

Top Trump aide Jason Miller later said Trump “has zero desire to be speaker.”