Stephen Smith Speculates Trump Played Role in NFL Owners Not Hiring Kaepernick

Popular ESPN host Stephen Smith speculated on a morning radio show appearance that President Trump may be part of the reason Colin Kaepernick has not returned to play football.

Some Twitter users, rushed to embrace Smith’s theory and blame President Trump.

So the President of the US is using his office for his personal vendetta’s. How much more can we take?

This should be impeachable, too!

Per TheBlast, ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith explained on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning that team owners could potentially lose billions of dollars in revenue if they went against Trump, who has been vocal in his hatred of Kaepernick.

The NFL is currently trying to get gambling legalized, and that requires the thumbs up from the President and Congress.

“Well, what was going on on Capitol Hill is that the owners, the NFL owners were trying to get involved with that, where they were trying to get a percentage of the bets and all of this other stuff that was going on. So what happens is, we’re talking billions. Well, guess what? In order for that to happen, you need Congress to sign off on it and you need the President to sign off on it. What you don’t need is the President turning his attention towards you and going against you just because he doesn’t like you.”


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