Stephanopoulos Busted on Video Making “Throat Slitting” Motion While Trump Lawyer is Speaking

ABC news anchor George Stephanopoulos was busted on film making a “throat slitting” gesture while Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow was speaking, apparently wanting ABC staff to cut away and stop showing Sekulow’s argument.

This is what Sekulow was saying that made Stephanopoulous want to cut away.

Jay Sekulow:

We’ve got something very different from what you’re hearing up here,

We’ve got lawyers that will be put forward when our side of the case goes that represents multiple schools of thought on what is an impeachable offense. They have one thing in common: that the actions alleged and the actions of the president do not reach that level — no matter which school of thought you’re on.

We’re not afraid to put out both of those schools of thought because our position is you still have to meet basic, fundamental constitutional obligations and they haven’t

Tim Graham shared the video and wrote

“Shortly after 3 pm Eastern this afternoon, @AoSHQ noted Stephanopoulos was shown on camera making the slit-the-throat “kill” gesture to cut away from Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow taking press questions. These guys are NOT going to like hearing the Trump side of this trial.”


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