Stefanik says Cuomo’s resignation not enough, calls for him to be arrested

Tuesday, Rep. Stefanik argued that disgraced Democrat and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s resignation is not enough and called for him to be arrested.

“Governor Cuomo’s resignation is long past overdue,” Stefanik wrote.

“Now, former Governor Cuomo needs to be prosecuted and arrested for sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual grooming,” she added.

Fellow Republicans NY Rep. Claudia Tenney said in a statement prior to Cuomo’s resignation “The corrupt reign of King Cuomo is over at last, but the fight for justice and accountability is just beginning.”

“Investigations into Cuomo’s abuse of power, corruption, and criminal misconduct must continue. Cuomo should be immediately prosecuted, not just for sexual harassment and assault, but also for his deadly nursing home policies and subsequent cover up,” she added.

President Biden took a much softer stance, saying Cuomo did the right thing to step down.

Biden even complimented Cuomo’s work as governor, saying “he’s done a helluva job.”