Starbucks employee who put “Defund the Police” on customer’s order Fired

After an investigation, Starbucks has fired the Houston, Texas employee who wrote “Defund the Police” on a customer’s order.

Sunday, Raseac Eibedd posted a photo of the cup on Facebook and wrote:

“My exhusband takes my children to the Starbucks on I-10 and Kirkwood before bringing them home. All 3 of their drinks have this printed on the label. I called and made the manager aware…as if she wasn’t already. She acted like she couldn’t careless. All of my LEO friends be careful when getting anything from there. Feel free to call and speak to the manager their phone number is  This shit has to stop. We can’t even get a cup of coffee without worrying about being poisoned or worse. Wtf is wrong with America???”

In a statement to McClatchy, a Starbucks spokesperson said the barista has been fired.

“Every customer should feel welcome and treated with respect when they visit any of our stores — especially our first responder community and their families,” the spokesperson said.

“We have reached out to the customer involved to apologize, and the partner (employee) involved has been separated from the company. Any behavior from our partners that doesn’t aspire to be a positive experience is unacceptable.”