Stacey Abrams says she still wants to be President, answers how it made her feel that Biden chose Harris not her as VP

Appearing on the podcast “Skimm’d From the Couch,” former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams made it clear she still has Presidential aspirations.

Abrams called Republicans “purveyors of modern voter suppression,” and offered advice to her younger self, while making it clear she still has wants the top job in the nation.

“I wish at 17, someone had said to me, ‘You are a black woman and yes, you are entitled to imagine you could run for president,’” Abrams said. “And what I think I appreciate the most about the difference between who I was then and who I am now is I don’t care anymore. I’m going to want what I want. I do so with a very strong understanding that I’m not going to get everything I seek, but I do so with the understanding that I have the obligation to say so many of these things aloud when someone asks me. Because to do anything else is to do a disservice to that 17-year-old who needed to meet me then.”

As for being President of the United States, Abrams said “It’s still a job that I want. But it’s a job that I need to be prepared to have.”

“There are other things I want to do that I think will make me better at that job. So no, the goals haven’t changed. The timing may change,” she added.

And as for Biden choosing Kamala Harris instead of her, Abrams said “Not getting that job is not a mark against me. It’s not a mark against ambition. It was Joe Biden’s decision about who he wanted and he picked the right person for his administration. And I applaud them. […] But it also made me reassess where I was on my growth path. There’s always more to learn.”