Stacey Abrams “I would be honored to be on the campaign trail as a running mate” to Biden

Appearing on “Pod Save America” Stacy Abrams made it clear she’d be up for being Joe Biden’s running mate.

“I would be honored to be on the campaign trail as a running mate,” said Abrams “But that is a process that you can’t campaign for, and I’m not campaigning for. I’m just being straight-forward.”

“But no matter what, my intention is to ensure that Joseph Biden becomes the next president of the United States,”

During the same interview, Abrams blasted Trump for his opposition to mass vote by mail.

Stacey Abrams:

We need vote by mail. Vote by mail is available in every state. The issue is it is hard to use in a number of states, so we need available vote by mail for every voter to be postage paid. It needs to not have signature matching laws that are hard, that, in fact, are disqualifying. There needs to be a clear process where everyone can have access.”

Texas requires an excuse. The Texas Democratic Party filed suit today to make sure that excuse is lifted. The excuse should be—I don’t want to die.

So if you remember in 2017, Donald Trump convened a voter task force. It was so ineffective at finding examples of voter fraud that they disbanded the task force rather than having to issue a report. Because the report would have said, ‘Nuh-uh, it doesn’t exist.’ And that wasn’t going to conform to his lies, to the stories he once told about the election that has passed and the election to come.

If it is so unsafe as you all very ably pointed out, then why does he use the vote by mail system? Because he voted by mail. So did Steven Mnuchin. So is their argument only wealthy people should be able to vote by mail because only wealthy people can be trusted? I don’t think that is what Republicans want to say.