Stacey Abrams holding briefings with Hollywood stars on how to help Dems win Georgia runoffs

According to a report from the Hollywood Reporter, former Georgia gubernatorial candidate and rising Democrat star Stacey Abrams is holding weekly briefings with Hollywood stars and executives on how they can help Democrats win the two crucial Senate runoff races.

Some of the “A-list” names looking to lend a helping hand for Democrats include John Legend, Byron Allen, Kerry Washington, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Actress Alyssa Milano said “you show up to do the work. You show up to phone bank and you write letters and do digital canvassing and everything that I think we all did as citizens — not as Hollywood people, but as citizens — for the general election.”

She added “Being someone who worked in Georgia for two years while I shot [Netflix series] Insatiable, I’m really aware of how powerful and impactful the organizers are.”

“If I were in Georgia right now shooting, that would be a whole other story,” she added “I’d be knocking on doors, I’d be driving people to the polls, but I’m not, so the best thing I think we can all do in this situation is support the people on the ground doing the hard work and that don’t often get recognized for it.”