Stacey Abrams denies applying double standard to Biden and Kavanaugh allegations

Fox News reports former Georgia state Rep. Stacey Abrams denied on Tuesday that she applied a double standard to sexual assault allegations brought against former Vice President Joe Biden and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Her comments came during an interview with CNN anchor Don Lemon, who asked Abrams about a tweet she previously posted about one of Kavanaugh’s accusers. Abrams had tweeted in 2018 that it was shameful for the Senate to rush Kavanaugh’s nomination and that survivors of violence “deserve to be supported and to have their voices heard.”

“Are you applying a different standard now?” Lemon asked. “Not at all,” Abrams responded, before saying that Tara Reade, Biden’s accuser, deserved to be heard.

“I believed then and I believe now that women deserve to be heard because too often they are not, and Tara Reade deserved to have her story listened to and investigated. What was happening to Christine Blasey Ford was that there was no investigation — there was a rush to move the conversation forward so that no investigation was conducted,” Abrams said.

“I believe Joe Biden,” she said, citing The New York Times’ and other reports.

Abrams’ comments came just after Business Insider published a story in which one of Reade’s neighbors corroborated her sexual assault allegation. One of Reade’s former colleagues also recalled how the former Senate staffer complained about a former boss assaulting her.

Abrams, who has touted herself as an “excellent” running mate, was the only suspected vice presidential pick to respond to HuffPost’s request for comment on that report and the allegations in general.