Spokesperson for Romney denies report he’s already sided with Dems on replacing RBG after election

Liz Johnson, Communications Director for Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) has denied a report that the Utah Senator has already sided with Democrats on not replacing Justice Ginsburg until after the election.

Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins have both issued statements siding with Democrats that Ginsburg should not be replaced until after the election.

With Romney being the only Senator to vote for Trump impeachment, many believe he is one of the most likely to also side with Democrats on the issue.

Jim Dabakis tweeted “BREAKING: A high-level Romney insider tells me Mitt Romney has committed to not confirming a Supreme Court nominee until after Inauguration Day 2021. #Mittrevenge #utpol”

Liz Johnson replied “This is grossly false.”

Johnson writes in a separate tweet “Dear twitter and also @JimDabakis: Unless your name is Mitt Romney or you’re his spokesperson, you do not speak for Mitt Romney. #utpol”

Romney’s actual statement on Ginsburg does not mention anything about whether he supports replacing her before the election or not.

Romney faces a tough decision as he’s had a propensity to show willingness to oppose Trump and the Trump agenda.

On the other hand his Republican majority constituents in the state of Utah are likely to support replacing Ginsburg prior to the election.

If Romney does choose to side with Democrats, Collins and Murkowski, he may be concerned about the political damage he may face as a Utah Republican.