Speculation mounts over Flynn case as new DOJ documents turned over

Fox News reports new documents recently turned over to Michael Flynn’s legal team have led to speculation that the former national security adviser could catch a break in his long-stalled case due to purportedly exculpatory evidence that previously had not been disclosed.

Flynn, who initially had pleaded guilty to providing false statements to investigators regarding his contact with a Russian ambassador, has pushed back against prosecutors in recent months, insisting that he is innocent. Flynn even took to Twitter for the first time in years on Friday, simply sharing a January court filing where he states he did not lie and alludes to FBI agents stating they believed him during an interview conducted when James Comey still led the bu

“I am innocent of this crime,” Flynn said in the sworn declaration, in which he explains that pressure from the possibility that his son could face charges, as well as advice from his previous counsel, led to him pleading guilty.

Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo tweeted Sunday evening that according to sources, Flynn “will be completely exonerated this week.”

This follows the turning over of what Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell called “remarkable new & long withheld BRADY evidence,” which refers to exculpatory material. Powell tweeted a letter from the Justice Department which said the new documents came from a review of the Flynn investigation that had been ordered by Attorney General Bill Barr.


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