Sorority ACB was a member of deletes congratulations to her and issues apology

Kappa Delta sorority, the sorority of which Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett was a member of, has deleted their tweet congratulating her for her confirmation and issued an apology.

Their apology reads “To our sisters and others who were hurt by yesterday social media post or subsequent removal, we are deeply sorry.”

They continue “Our approach was disappointing and hurtful to many. We do not intend to enter into a political debate, take a stand on the supreme court nomination, caused division among our sisters, or alienate any of our members. We now understand that was the impact.”

Chelsea Forsaith fired back “Don’t let the internet bully you. It’s an amazing accomplishment that one of our sisters was nominated to the highest court in the land! Regardless of politics or not. Also, judges judge based off the constitution and law, not opinions and politics.”

Anna Mazo wrote “What’s disappointing is that you let yourself be bullied and showed that “once a KD always a KD” isn’t true. Amy Coney Barrett, regardless of her political affiliation, is a Kappa Delta sister. She deserves acknowledgement for her achievement from her sorority. Disgraceful.”

Lauren Knight replied “It was sad to see the anger I saw people posting yesterday. We can’t go backwards but we can move forward be all be better. Our members are fearlessly speaking out on issues important to them. I support their courage and value their voice even if their view is different from mine”