Soledad O’Brien Blasts Brian Stelter, Accuses CNN of Booking “Guests Who Lie”

Media executive Soledad O’Brien blasted CNN’s Brian Stelter via Twitter, accusing CNN of being a mainstream media outlet that frequently books guests who lie.

Stelter had tweeted: “We have this alternative media ecosystem that is driving a lot of disinformation. It is not understood by journalists or anyone really beyond a very small group of people who are really engaged with it,” @EliotHiggins Says.

Soleded O’Brien responded:

Also mainstream media outlets frequently book guests who lie, intentionally, on their air. CNN is one such outlet. Instead of shunning those guests they are booked again and again and again. When CNN’s media reporter pretends his own news org isn’t part of this BS, it’s a problem

One frequent CNN guest who has been accused for frequently lying is Michael Avenatti.

Per Breitbart, according to the Washington Free Beacon, Avenatti appeared on CNN and MSNBC between March 7th and May 10th, 2018, at least 65 times and 43 times, respectively, for a total of at least 108 appearances.

Another frequent CNN guest who has been accused of being untruthful is former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

Last month O’Brien also blasted Stelter, tweeting:

Why is cnn so stupid about important shit? This is Cillizza-level inanity. Brian should be ashamed of himself.

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