Social Media Reacts as Pro-Trump Actor SLAMS Biden Over “Borrowed” Slogan

For Joe Biden, despite being seen by liberal pundits as a frontrunner for the Democratic Party’s nomination in the 2020 election, his campaign has been plagued with gaffes, scandals, and allegations of plagiarism.

Now, a recently-surfaced scandal regarding the Biden campaign’s potential “borrowing” of a slogan allegedly coined by now-disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti has one Trump supporting actor, Scott Baio, speaking out as well.

In fact, Baio took to social media to claim that both Biden and Avenatti took the phrase from a speech he made in 2016.

Conservatives reacted on social media, thanking Baio for bringing the issue to light, while generally mocking Biden for his lackluster campaign.

Avenatti, who currently faces a litany of serious criminal charges, reportedly took issue with Biden’s use of the slogan, as well.