Social media posts show the woman who interrupted Trump was already anti-Trump before Town Hall

According to a new bombshell report from the Free Beacon, Ellesia Blaque, who ABC News identified as a “uncommitted” voter during the town hall event was virulently anti-Trump in her social media posts prior to the event.

Blaque claimed during a CNN interview with Brianna Keilar that her exchange with Trump made her cry, claiming Trump spun her questions and used it to attack Obama and Obamacare.

During her exchange with Trump, Blaque asked “Should preexisting conditions, which ObamaCare … brought to fruition be removed?” Trump replied “no” believing she had finished her question. Blaque then scolded Trump sternly “Please stop and let me finish my question, sir.”

Now it has come to light that Blaque had already praised Kamala Harris during the DNC primary and vowed to “be there, volunteering.”

Also, per the Free Beacon, she “was not shy about her partisanship, calling Trump a “fβ€”ing moron,” “pathetic,” “pig,” “swine,” “punk ass,” and “LOOSER” (sic) in a slew of 2019 tweets. She is a self-described “liberal Democrat,” according to her Facebook profile, on the grounds that liberals “are not motivated by money or power, but by humanity and the needs of the people.”

Take a look at some of her previous tweets.

Does that sound like an “uncommitted” voter as ABC described her?