Social Media censorship bill passes in the Florida Senate

According to a new report from WFLA “the Florida Senate passed legislation requiring social media companies to publish standards for use and abide by them when it comes to de-platforming users Monday.”

State Sen. Ray Rodriguez explains “the bill requires the companies to define the behavior that will lead to you being de-platformed. And that’s it.”

The proposal passed the Republican controlled Senate by a vote of 22-17.

It will now go to the House.

“The legislation carries heavy fines and the threat of lawsuits. According to the bill, big tech platforms would face fines up to $100,000 a day if they de-platform statewide candidates and $10,000 a day for other candidates,” the report adds.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has made it clear he’s a believer that conservatives are being targeted by big-tech censorship.