Small-Business Group Prepares Biden Vaccine Mandate Lawsuit

Moments ago, Congresswoman Debbie Lesko tweeted “President Biden does not have the authority to issue vaccine mandates. It violates the U.S. Constitution to do so. Biden’s vaccine mandate is a blatant power grab!”

Per Newsmax:

A small-business advocacy group is preparing to file a lawsuit against the Biden administration over its coronavirus vaccine requirement, according to Fox News.

President Joe Biden announced last week that his administration will soon require businesses of a certain size to require employee vaccinations or conduct weekly COVID-19 tests. Biden tasked the Occupational Safety and Health Administration with writing and implementing the rule.

In response, the Job Creators Network has prepared possible legal action should OSHA initiate the president’s plan.

Alfredo Ortiz, CEO and president of the Job Creators Network said “President Biden’s vaccine mandate on small businesses is unconstitutional and a dramatic overreach of federal authority. To hold the Biden administration accountable and stand up for small businesses, Job Creators Network plans to file a lawsuit to block the implementation of this order.”

“Small businesses are already contending with a historic labor shortage and this order will add expensive new barriers to finding and keeping employees,” he continued. “The federal government doesn’t have the power to require small businesses to carry out its de facto national vaccine mandate. JCN’s lawsuit intends to block this federal power grab.”

Alan Wilson, South Carolina attorney general and chairman of the Republican Attorneys General Association said ”We are not a country that rules by edict and if President Biden’s power grab goes unchecked, it will have dire consequences for our nation.”