Sister of girl shot during Iowa protest “a protester shot my sister. A protester, not the police!”

In an extremely heartbreaking and emotional video, Jasmine Kelly, whose sister Italia Marie Kelly was shot during Floyd protests in Iowa, sounded off.

Per Times Union, Italia Marie Kelly, 22, was one of two people fatally shot overnight as shootings and property destruction unfolded in many parts of Davenport, a city of 100,000 people across the Mississippi River from Illinois.

Kelly joined a protest over the death of George Floyd after getting off work at a restaurant Sunday night, according to her aunt, Amy Hale of Atchison, Kansas. She lived nearby.

Kelly, who is biracial and went by the last name Impinto, and a friend were getting in a vehicle to leave around midnight because the protest outside a Walmart had turned unruly, Hale said.

That’s when she was struck in the back by a bullet that went through her shoulder and chest, likely killing her instantly, Hale said. Attempts to resuscitate her were not successful, and Kelly was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Police said they were investigating the circumstances surrounding the death and that no arrests had been made. Her family called on any witnesses to come forward with information about the shooting and for an end to violence in the city.

Jasmine Kelly:

For those who don’t know, it wasn’t the police who shot my sister, it was one of y’all! and I swear to God we will find out who the f*ck did it, and I promise to God it will be the last thing y’all ever remember. Y’all wild as f*ck, y’all walk around with guns, and you act and you pretend to be tough and you pretend to be something you’re not, and you got my sister killed.

“Not by the police, but by your ignorance, by you’re f*cking ignorance I gotta bury my sister. I gotta bury my sister because y’all brought guns. It wasn’t a rubber bullet, it was a f*cking gun.

So I hope y’all know, this wasn’t the police, this was the ignorance of every single one of y’all that decided to shoot into a crowd, and that bullet just happened to hit my sister.

It wasn’t the police, it was you and now I gotta bury the only person I had in my life, the person that took care of me, the person who took beatings for me so I didn’t have to, the person who was there for everything, when I had my seizures.