Singer Richard Marx “I’d Rather Have Jeffrey Dahmer Than Donald Trump”

In a new interview with “Variety” singer Richard Marx, famous for his 1990 hit single “Right Here Waiting” made it very clear how against President Trump he is.

Marx even went so far as to say “at this point, I’d rather have Jeffrey Dahmer over Donald Trump.”

Marx also made it clear he’s not a Tucker Carlson fan recently with this tweet.

Variety reports for those who follow Marx on Twitter, politics has been weighing on his mind. He’s been particularly vocal about Donald Trump to his 230,000 followers, calling out the president and his supporters. “This week, responding to a tweet in which Trump announced he planned to sign an executive order to temporarily suspend immigration to the U.S., Marx had a typically tart response: “Uh-huh. Can you sign something to keep the white f—sticks in Michigan waving confederate flags away from me?” he tweeted.

Marx, who has been in lockdown with his wife, Daisy Fuentes (of MTV fame), says he wasn’t always this passionate about politics. “It started when Bush lost the popular vote against Gore,” he says. “I still feel Bush should have been charged with war crimes.” It’s something that still makes him angry to think about. “I never thought he was a traitor. I thought he was dumb but I never thought he was a vile human being,” he continues, discussing Bush in the post-9/11 world. But one thing that struck him about Bush was his humanity: “I could see how he was with his father, and he was so publicly respectful of his wife.”

His feelings about Bush “pale in comparison to the anger I feel over this presidency. I feel this guy is a despicable piece of trash. The country will recover, even if he’s in for another four years. We will recover, but we will never be the same. He will leave a s— stain on this country for the next generation. He has no redeeming qualities.”

Marx says he’s found people trying to pointing redemptive elements of the administration out to him, such as unemployment rates being lower among African Americans. “What people don’t know is that they are brainwashed, especially when you point out that black unemployment is only 1% lower than it was when Obama’s term in office ended,” Marx says.

“At this point, I’d rather have Jeffrey Dahmer over Donald Trump,” he adds.

He’s not entirely thrilled with Joe Biden being the Democratic candidate — even though he wasn’t thrilled about Bernie Sanders, either — but to Marx, at least Biden is a decent human being: “He’s smart and compassionate.”