Sinema issues statement, reiterates she won’t back $3.5T spending bill, infuriating progressives

In a statement posted on Twitter, Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema reiterated she will not support a $3.5 trillion spending bill as discord with the party continues.

The statement from her office reads “Senator Sinema said publicly more than two months ago, before Senate passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill, that she would not support a bill costing $3.5 trillion.”

“In August, she shared detailed concerns and priorities, including dollar figures, directly with Senate Majority Leader [Chuck] Schumer and the White House. Claims that the Senator has not detailed her views to President Biden and Senator Schumer are false,” the statement adds.

Per Fox Business “Sinema’s latest statement followed criticism from prominent progressives who say moderate opponents to the full spending bill have not been clear on their priorities. Critics included Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., one of many progressives who will not vote to approve the $1.2 trillion bipartisan physical infrastructure deal unless the Senate first passes a spending bill focused on social programs.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar said “We need to know what he’s a skeptic on so that we can have the conversation with him. There has been no clarity in what they actually want, both Sinema and Manchin.”